Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files or parts of a file that are stored on a computer or a mobile device of an Internet user “User”, that visited the Website. They consist of letters and numbers and are stored in a browser which is used for Internet surfing. The files allow to save information about User’s behaviour on the Internet and may contain User’s ID data, his/her personalized settings and browsing history.

By accepting the Web site's user agreement and Privacy Policy, User unconditionally gives consent to the Copyright Owner to use cookies. Visiting the Website by the User with a browser that receives cookies is considered to be a User’s acceptance of the fact that the Copyright Owner can use cookies.

Cookies cannot be used to transfer malware or launch programs. When User visits the Website, a cookie file is sent to his browser and saved on a hard drive of a User’s computer.

User can block cookies in the settings of the browser used for visiting the Website on his/her own.

By using User’s cookies, the Website gets the following information: IP-address, address of the website that was used by the User to go to the Website, information about visited pages on the Website and other technical data.

All collected data are used only for the following purposes:

  • traffic and traffic source analysis on the Website which is necessary for improving the Website to make it more comfortable for Users. 
  • access monitoring to secure Website safety and detect potentially dangerous accesses.

All the data is necessary for statistics and anonymous. If User disagrees with using cookies on the Website, he/she can block this function in his browser’s settings.

User must take following steps to switch off access to cookies in the most popular browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0., 7.0, 8.0: choose ‘Tools” in the upper corner of the browser or choose “Internet Options”, then choose “Privacy”. You should choose the necessary settings, then press the “Apply” button, then “Accept / OK”.

  • Mozilla Firefox: in the browser’s menu you should choose “Parameters”, then follow to the “Privacy” and in appeared menu choose “Individual history settings”. Then you should choose the necessary settings and press “OK / Accept”.
  • Google Chrome: in the browser’s menu (upper right corner) you should choose “Configurations”, set necessary settings, then press “OK”.
  • Safari: in “Settings” panel you should choose “Privacy”, set necessary parameters, then press “OK”.
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