Poirier vs. McGregor: Bets and odds on the fight

The conclusion to the trilogy between McGregor and Poirier will take place in July.
In this article you will find a brief and concise description of the Kelly criterion along with a simple example for better understanding.
There is a chance the amount we bet to be more important than the bet itself. We analyzed five popular staking methods and we present them to you.
Expected value is a great tool for every bettor that helps to get the most out of a good prediction.
Learning how to choose a bet can not guarantee us success, but it can help us avoid mistakes and ultimately lead to profits.
You need a cool idea, you need time, and you need options.
Let’s discuss why casino products are winning over sports betting customers.
There has been a huge uproar recently because the Dutch government has announced that they’d like to influence the Curaçao gambling legislature...
Top managers also cheer for certain results and even place bets themselves.
We sat down with one of the European Gaming and Betting Association’s heads to find out more about gambling regulation in the European Union.
There are politicians who ask “why are you going to send five million people to hell?”, and other features of the African market and its regulation.
How and why we are purchasing a company that owns the Ninja Casino brand?
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